1. Keepers of the Dawn *
2. Ascent to the Tarn
3. The Ride
4. Enchantment (Bewitched)
5. Hero on the Hill *
6. The March
7. Anomie (The Death of Belief)

* featuring vocals by Wulfstan of Forefather

"The Ride" is the first solo album from Athelstan of Forefather comprised of 2 vocalized and 5 instrumental tracks. The music was written between 2010 and 2012, with the exception of "Enchantment (Bewitched)", written and partly recorded way back in 1999. "Hero on the Hill" is Athelstan's adaptation of the ancient English tune "Bryd One Brere", put to new lyrics inspired by the enigmatic and mysterious "Longman" chalk figure carved into the Sussex downs. The Longman also provides the main theme of the artwork, driven by the cover art of illustrator Alexi Francis. The album is a category free "Ride" through the musical mindscape of its creator.

"Athelstan takes us on a ride indeed; rock, folk, metal, cinematic glory and regret all folded up in his warm woolen cloak. Beautiful, emotional, thoughtful and Pretty. Truly pretty." - Ave Noctum