FOREFATHER - Steadfast

1. Brunanburh
2. Cween of the Mark
3. Theodish Belief
4. Hallowed Halls
5. Steadfast
6. Three Great Ships
7. Eostre
8. Fire From the Sky
9. Mellowing of the Mains
10. Wolfhead's Tree
11. Miri it is

After a four year hiatus Forefather return with their much anticipated fifth album, "Steadfast". Following on from the acclaim of their 2004 CD "Ours is the Kingdom" ("album of the issue" - ZT, 9/10 - Terrorizer), they have taken their trademark "Anglo-Saxon Metal" sound to a greater level of intensity and aggression, whilst still incorporating the rich melody and catchy song writing that made their name. With stunning artwork by Martin Hanford and a stronger-than-ever production Forefather have never looked and sounded better.

"Steadfast" has been made 'release of the issue' in the latest Zero Tolerance magazine (Jan/Feb 08).

" is clear that Forefather have created another important musical document to England's proud history." (8.5/10) - Terrorizer Magazine

"Forefather are outstanding, inspiring and genuinely exciting. There will be few bands this year that can ever think of challenging the might of Forefather." (10/10) - Powerplay Magazine